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وَيْلٌ لِكُلِّ هُمَزَةٍ لُمَزَةٍ
WOE unto every slanderer, fault-finder! (1)
الَّذِي جَمَعَ مَالًا وَعَدَّدَهُ
[Woe unto him] who amasses wealth and counts it a safeguard, (2)
يَحْسَبُ أَنَّ مَالَهُ أَخْلَدَهُ
thinking that his wealth will make him live forever! (3)
كَلَّا لَيُنْبَذَنَّ فِي الْحُطَمَةِ
Nay, but [in the life to come such as] he shall indeed be abandoned to crushing torment! (4)
وَمَا أَدْرَاكَ مَا الْحُطَمَةُ
And what could make thee conceive what that crushing torment will be? (5)
نَارُ اللَّهِ الْمُوقَدَةُ
A fire kindled by God, (6)
الَّتِي تَطَّلِعُ عَلَى الْأَفْئِدَةِ
which will rise over the [guilty] hearts: (7)
إِنَّهَا عَلَيْهِمْ مُؤْصَدَةٌ
verily, it will close in upon them (8)
فِي عَمَدٍ مُمَدَّدَةٍ
in endless columns! (9)
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Abdullah Yusuf Ali
Woe to every (kind of) scandal-monger and backbiter,6266 (Translation)